kriadydragon (kriadydragon) wrote in little_details,

Irish Name for a Fictional Town

Setting: A fictional town located on the coast of southern Ireland (around County Kerry or thereabouts).

I'm about to write a fantasy story that takes place in a small fictional Irish town and need an Irish name for the town. The town was once cursed, but then the villagers got smart and were able to break the curse, and I want the name of the town to reflect that. I'm thinking something that translates along the lines of Redemption, New Day or Second Chance.

I've tried Google, English to Irish/Gaelic dictionaries and sites that claim to teach you old Gaelic but mostly just teach you the Gaelic alphabet. They were not helpful. There is an Irish Language Forum but I'm hesitant to sign up to something I may very well only use once - it just doesn't feel right with this particular forum - except as a last resort.
Tags: ireland (misc), ~languages: celtic

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