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terminal illness in 35-year-old depressed woman

terms searched: terminal disease(s), terminal illness(es), incurable disease(s); causes of female infertility; I've also searched the little_details archives extensively

setting: present-day New York City

character: 35-year-old Caucasian woman, borderline overweight, has moderate depression, fertility problems, very nearsighted (wears thick glasses)

situation: SWF arrives in the city & stays with some friends she hadn't seen for 15 years. These friends are all male, with varying levels of maturity and perceptiveness, and they aren't familiar with her present-day self at all. She stays with them for a few weeks—possibly even a month or so. (None of them are intimately involved with her within that time period.) The visit ends with her death from a terminal condition that she had managed to conceal from her friends up until the last day or so.

question: What kind of terminal condition?
--ideally, condition may be linked to fertility issues (which don't have to be narrowed down for purposes of this story—the only specific detail is that she "can't have children")
--symptoms should be moderately easy to hide; some allowance can be made for her hosts' unfamiliarity with her & lack of long-term experience living with women
--symptoms may also be "camouflaged" as behavioral symptoms of depression (e.g., fatigue, crying from pain...)
--the acutely-dying phase (from "no longer able to hide symptoms" to "ex-person") shouldn't last longer than 48 hours—I'd prefer less than 24, but it's negotiable

I'm making one peevish stipulation: Her suffering and death shouldn't be... gross (as in messy & unsightly). I feel bad enough about killing her off without actively embarrassing her in her last moments.
Tags: ~medicine: illnesses to order, ~medicine: reproduction, ~psychology & psychiatry: depression

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