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Public Flagellation as Punishment

Story is set in Paris, France in 1830-1832.

Searched: Various combinations of "Public Flagellation", "Public whipping", "Whipping", "Flogging", "Paris, France", "Corporal Punishment", "Flagellation as formal punishment", "Whipping as formal punishment".

So, a character in my story starts a minor riot. He gets caught, he goes to trial, he gets sentenced- and as you might have guessed from my search parameters, I was going with public flogging for punishment.

Now, I know they used whipping as a punishment in the 1780s (and suspect it was used into the 1790s, but I only have an already historically unreliable movie for reference), but I don't know if it was banned during or after the Reign of Terror or at some point over the next forty years. I tried searching, but Google seems to have a strong dislike for me and refuses to yield any answers.

So: Was flogging/whipping used as a formal punishment (that being, a punishment that would be imposed by a court) in Paris in the 1830s? Might it be used informally?

And also, if it seems unlikely that flogging would be the punishment for starting a minor riot (no deaths, just some injuries and property damage), let me know.

Tags: 1830-1839, france: history, ~flogging

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