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The Effects of a Sword Wound to the Side and Dagger to the Back of the Shoulder

The setting is in Nottingham Castle, England, in 1196 during a siege. A character receives a slash to the side, just below the ribs, with a sword and has a dagger thrust into the back of his shoulder nearly simultaneously. Is it possible to survive an attack like this and if so how would the wounds be treated? What would the damage be?

I’ve googled ‘sword wounds to the side’, ‘surviving a sword wound’, ‘treatment of sword wounds in medieval times’. I’ve gone through the tags on here that I thought might provide answers but I didn’t see anything particularly specific to what I needed. Maybe I’m just bad at google-fu.

EDIT: Woops! The character in question is wearing a light leather jerkin. The sword I believe is a broad sword (not for certain but I think its right) and the blow would be a glancing as someone shoves the frontal assailant before they can get a full hit and would be directly under the ribs (the fleshy area on the side).
Tags: 1100-1199, uk: history: middle ages, ~medicine: injuries: stab wounds

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