phyrbyrd (phyrbyrd) wrote in little_details,

Gender-neutral Muslim name

I need a name for my female OC that is either gender-neutral, or has a male equivalent which would have the same diminuitive. She's mixed race and I was calling her Mike, short for Michaela, but then I realised her Pakistani Muslim father would probably not allow a western name.

But at some point she's got to go to an alternate universe and meet her alt self, who is male, and I don't want her - or the reader - to realise this till she meets him, so their friends need to be calling them the same name.

I went through this community's ~names tag, and also searched 'muslim baby names' and 'gender-neutral muslim baby names' and found a couple I kind of like, but I want a relatively common, normal name. I don't want to name my character the Muslim equivalent of Iodine or Continence or Grizelda.
Tags: pakistan (misc), ~names, ~religion: islam

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