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FBI organization and locations in DC

When/where: current reality

searched: FBI web-site; Wikipedia "FBI"


Anyone out there a current/former employee, or familiar with the internal divisions and locations in the metro Washington D.C. area?


There's a successful (electronic) break-in at a sensitive but not classified federal computer. 24 hours later the computer security types have managed to track the source, but they're stymied on who the intruder was and what (if anything) they did once they gained access.

1) This sounds - so far - like a job for Cyber Division. What kind of discoveries would get it (quickly) transferred to either Criminal Investigation or National Security? (It is not and will never be terrorism-related, and it might involve classified material ... but not yet.)

2) Where are the main offices for Cyber, CI, and National Security? I assume they're not all in the Hoover Building?

Several months later this has expanded into the investigation of a vast, shadowy conspiracy(tm) by a long-term multi-agency task force (with the Bureau still in charge).

3) Where can they find 15-20 desks/offices and associated support areas? Quantico? Or is there a building somewhere in the District?

4) What's the probable rank of the (FBI) agent leading the group? Supervisory SA? ASAC? SAC? (Section Chief ??????)
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