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Childcare and Agriculture in the Late Roman Republic

I have two able-bodied (one a former gladiator) male characters operating a small farm. If it’s just the two of them working, how many acres (or iugera, if that’s an easier measurement) can they manage by themselves? They’re not particularly well off, but they can afford a goat and possibly some chickens. I’m also not sure whether they would be able to grow more than one type of crop, which would be preferred; they’re located in southern, mainland Italy.

For this question, I’ve googled: farming in ancient Rome, small farms in ancient Rome, agriculture in Italy, farming in Italy

Also, I know there’s very little information on childcare in the Roman Republic, but anything you can give me would be spectacular, especially the kind of food, toys, or clothing they would have for newborns and infants, and the general attitude among the working class towards how much attention a child needs.

For this one I’ve tried: babies in ancient rome, babies in ancient Greece, ancient alternatives to breastfeeding, ancient baby food

Tags: roman republic & empire, ~agriculture, ~childrearing

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