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Questions about wounded characters?

Alright, I'm in the midst of a story where I'm in i situation where the main characters are put through the wringer. It's kind of a sci-fi/military fanfic piece that's also a 'fish out of water' story: one of the main characters is a USMC sergeant pulled over after an accident involving an experimental weapon.

The other character is an alien he is working with, who is currently being chased by a team of mercenaries out to kill her. Relevant to the plot is while normal armament of their society are particle beam weapons(like Star Wars blasters) this team is armed with copies of the AK-74; they took the design from other humans and employ them against targets with energy shields that will stop blaster bolts but not bullets.

The alien character has been shot by one of these rifles in her left shoulder(gun geek mode: the 'alien' 5.45x39mm rounds aren't designed like the Russian originals; they're meant to pierce through armor and therefore don't have the air pocket that would create the nasty yawing effect. They're also made of high-density materials as not to fragment). As the Marine knows combat first aid he was able to stabilize her, but she is also experiencing moderate blood loss as well as the pain that would result from being shot. She has also not fully recovered from being stabbed in the abdomen at an earlier point in the story; would this have any bearing on her condition? Would she need to be carried, or would she be mobile enough to move under her own power?

The Marine is also experiencing several cracked ribs from a mishap that compromised his body armor. While painful, how would that affect his mobility? I'm also planning on having him take a bullet as well; likely somewhat mirroring the scene where De Niro's character gets shot in Ronin. Would he still be able to fight after taking a hit like that?
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds, ~weapons: firearms

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