The Tick (shanrina) wrote in little_details,
The Tick

Getting kicked out of med school for attendance issues?

US, present day. No specific city or state.

So I need to get my character kicked out of medical school for attendance reasons. It seems like most schools don't have attendance requirements for lectures so I'm leaning toward him being in his third year (doing a clerkship). How would he be disciplined for his absences (a warning, immediate expulsion, etc.)? How long could he stay in the program with random absences? Is there anything during the course of a clerkship that would be especially bad to miss/that could get him kicked out more quickly?

Googled: variations on "how does medical school work" (basic, I know), "med school attendance requirements," "kicked out of med school," "kicked out of med school attendance," "med school clerkship attendance." Found some nice creative ways to get kicked out, but nothing really relating to attendance.
Tags: usa (misc), ~medicine: medical education

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