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Common Kentucky phrases?

Hey everyone. In my book, two of the characters are from Kentucky. On a goat farm in Brea, to be more specific. They lived there until they were about eleven, and then they moved to somewhere in California, and are twenty-one when the story takes place. I know that they wouldn't have much of an accent now, but I thought that they would still probably use some common phrases that they grew up with. I've tried many google searches and didn't come up with anything useful.  I have searched for: common kentucky phrases, phrases from kentucky, common sayings in kentucy,  and kentucky colloquialisms. So, my question is:

What would some of those phrases be?

What do said phrases mean?

Are there phrases that are more common for women to say than men? And vice versa?

Are there phrases that have to do with them growing up on a farm?

A/N: I already know about bless your heart; and that it preludes an insult/scathing remark, so no need to mention that one.
Tags: usa: kentucky, ~languages: english: american
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