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Adultery and Divorce in 1920s Australia

Searches: adultery/infidelity/extramarital affair/affair + Australia + 1920s/1900/20th C/1928 The same for UK/Great Britain/England/Commonwealth

Divorce + Australia/UK + the same dates

Some other synonyms and combinations as well, I'm sure. Tags for Australia: history, and divorce

Wikipedia articles, for example for Family Law Act 1975, which tells me it was needed to fix issues, but not much about what those issues were beyond introducing no-fault divorce.

Background: My MC is not having an affair but might be honorable enough to fake one to help his wife get a divorce, assuming it wouldn't affect his job as a police inspector.


1) Did Australia have adultery laws in the twenties like some other countries?

2) What kind of a process getting a divorce was, how long would it take, etc.?

3) What were the social ramifications for a divorced person, would it affect their job opportunities or remarriageability?
Tags: 1920-1929, australia: history, ~divorce

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