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Ranching & Cedar Trees - Need Some Specifics

Hi, I'm hoping to find some more information so I can determine if it's viable for a fic. I found one article about cedars and their hazards in ranching, but the rest so far has just been advertisements, praising why grow cedar trees.

My MC is a rancher in the midwest in the late 1940s (no specific state has been determined). I'm trying to figure out what problems he might encountering in clearing a pasture.

There was a blog about cutting down cedar trees to clear a pasture. (

I can't find the answer, but where exactly are cedar trees found growing naturally? What season (spring, winter) do they pollinate? Are they really that damaging for ranches?

Searches Done:
Googled - 'season cedar trees', 'location cedar trees', 'cedar trees plague ranches' (how I found above link, only one though) - 'what's a cedar tree's season?'

Again, all I've been encountering were complimentary florist articles talking about how great they are. I actually need to know the opposite.

UPDATE 1/02/2013: Guys, wow! Fantastic response of exactly what I needed! Thank you for the guidance!
Tags: 1940-1949, 1950-1959, usa: history (misc), ~agriculture

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