Patrick F (rainbowxgeek) wrote in little_details,
Patrick F

hospitalisation and recovery for surgery in the back/hip region

I have a character who is about to undergo open back surgery. The basic background is that he was injured in combat, there's shrapnel in his back, toward the side, a bit above the hip. It's causing nerve pain.

I'm looking for how long he'd be in hospital--it's NOT a minimally invasive procedure, so there would be a stay.

What sorts of therapy would he have, post recovery. There will be no lasting nerve damage, and he'll make a full recovery after this.

How long before he's "back to new" so to speak.

I searched google for:
recovery from neurosurgery low back
recovery from neurosurgery
recovery from back surgery
rehabilitation post low back surgery

Most of them focus on either minimally-innvasive procedures, or spinal fusion, which don't help me.

This doesn't have to be super-realistic, as it's roleplay and not novels, and I don't expect a lot of people to be fact-checking me, but I want to get the basics of it right, nonetheless.

Additional info: modern day setting, done in NYC, the surgeon is one of the premiere experts in the field (not the best in the world, but still highly renowned).
Tags: usa: health care and hospitals, ~medicine (misc)

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