Oh, Snap! (kutsuwamushi) wrote in little_details,
Oh, Snap!

[ANON POST] broken femur

I have a character who broke her femur during a fight with a supernatural being. She had a lot of other injuries, so the broken femur was pretty much the least of the doctors' worries. She's in her early thirties, about five foot five, naturally a bit heavy, but in very good shape. She's a soldier. I want her to be able to walk short distances with a permanent limp and a cane. Minimal pain as long as she goes easy on it and considerable pain if she doesn't, and she probably won't. I want to know how exactly the bone should be broken, what, if anything, should go wrong in the recovery, and, again if necessary, what related injuries she should have to have that outcome.

I asked the doctor I was doing physical therapy what injury she she should have, and he said broken femur, but he didn't give me specifics. I've Googled things like "broken femur" and "broken femur recovery," but everything I've found has been too vague.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: broken bones
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