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A question regard to modern day Islam and homosexuality

In my story, the setting is 2010 era student town New Zealand, and one of the side character is a 24 year old homosexual man in a stable relationship with his partner for nine years. He is a second generation immigrant from Pakistan, and for him and his family they are of Islam faith. The partner is agnostic. 

The mood of the story is mostly cosmic comedy. The religion here is not of significance to the plot of the story, beside some references about some awkward moments of coming out to his relatives as a teenager, and his personal wish (rather than a religious wish) to marry his boyfriend as soon as possible. Is that realistic? 

I'm just wondering, where would be a good place for me to research for modern day Islam believers who are accepting of sexual minorities? The searches so far seemed to be unreliable (i.e. incredibly Islamophobic), and the ones I read are of the struggles that comes across more as regional specific, cultural specific struggle against homophobia than a religious route. 

Am I being too ambitious here for hoping for something that I don't know enough about? Thank you. 
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