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Poison to order

Setting of the story : Modern day UK

Searches : Google with combinations of "poison" "drug" "lethal" "death" and "short term" but nothing really fits.

Hello everybody,

I'm looking for some kind of poison (or drug) that has the following caracteristics.

- must be injectable (intramuscular or intraveinous , it doesn't matter but I would like to know which one)
- it must be lethal
- the victim must die within one to three hours of the injection (four at the very most)
- the victim must stay councious (he can fall into a coma shortly before death but not immediately lose counsciousness)
- there must be an antidote (he actually survives) but it doesn't have to be something that's easily found
- the victim may need medical assistance shortly after having been given the antidote (but not immediately after, more like half an hour later at the very best, it's more likely to be one full hour)
- there must be visible effects of the poison and they must begin to show quite quickly (there may be an progressive worsening) : nausea (but not vomiting), dizziness, blurry vision, headache, fever, sweating, cramps, pain, breathing difficulties, seizures, coma, etc

The victim is a 50-ish healthy man (5ft 10in and bulky but not fat) who has previously been kept in a cell for around a week (sedated but fed and not tortured). He has no past experience of any drug.

Thanks to anyone who could suggest something.
Tags: ~medicine: drugs, ~medicine: poisoning

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