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Hiding Ribs/Liver Injury

Hello, it's my first time here & I think I’m so lucky to find this community, it’s very useful & I could get a lot of information I needed in various topics. But I still have some questions that I couldn’t find an answer for it.
I’m writing a fictional story, sets in mid 90s, US. My MC is a 30 years old healthy, medium built male, he gets wounded by a piece of metal to the ribs when he gets caught (by accident) in an explosion. He can’t reveal this to his colleagues so he tries to hide it, so, here is what I think & what I need:
1. I’m thinking that the wound can be under his ribs from the right side, I need him to bleed heavily with a lot of pain but still be able to get on his feet, is hitting the liver by the metal piece will be plausible enough for such a case? If no, what else?
2. Let’s say he could arrive to a safe hiding place & decided to treat himself by stopping the bleeding & putting some stitches on his wound, of course he’ll be in unsterilized environment which may lead to cause an infection in his wound, how much time he can have before the first visible signs of infection will appear?
3. What is the order of these visible signs? What appears first? How can he feel? (I’m writing from the MC’s POV).
4. During that time (mentioned in 3), will he be able to move (walk, or maybe drive a car)?
5. How much time he can have before collapsing? What is the most convincing reason for collapsing (in your opinion)? High fever? Shock? Another reason?
6. Let’s say he couldn’t receive a proper medical treatment because he doesn’t have access to a hospital or a doctor, only to an old nurse with limited resources, will that cause complications for his condition?
7. How much time he need to recover & to be able to walk & work again?
8. Let’s say he is stubborn & decided to get up from bed before he is fully recovered, will that cause complications for him? If so, What kind of complications he may have?
I searched for “Hidden Injuries” , “Ribs Injuries” , “Stab wounds to Ribs” , “Secret Injuries” I found some useful information but not what I exactly need, I’m writing the story from my MC’s POV as I mentioned before so I need a detailed information, I really hope you can help me.
Sorry for the long topic & for my bad English. I appreciate any help you can offer.
Thank you.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries to order, ~medicine: injuries: stab wounds

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