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Sexual Abuse/Aftermath/ Sepsis question

Hello again. I actually feel embarrassed asking another question so soon after my last... but... I'm doing multiple fics!

Ok so my character has been kidnapped and is being raped constantly. He has multiple people on him and it's not very pleasant. Anyways, at some point the rapists are going to get a bit too carried away. Correct me if I'm wrong but would continued abuse eventually lead the anal tears? Or would they need to start using objects on him before that happens?

I read this thread and I found a lot of great info there.. but that person's main character was a kid and the ultimate goal was death. My character is a middle-aged male, but I don't want him to end up dead. I want my character to end up with a life-threatening infection, one that he will barely survive. After reading that thread I'm thinking sepsis is probably the ideal infection to give him. I'm just not sure exactly WHERE he would be getting it, and what type of abuse would be needed to make sure he gets it.

I'm normally fine doing research, but the whole sexual thing has kinda turned me off. Whenever I put the word anal into a search engine I'm loaded with unpleasant things... so if anyone knows stuff like this, or site that have information on it, any help would be appreciated.

Overall I'm pretty much just looking for information on sepsis after sexual abuse... and what type of abuse is going to cause something like that to happen.
Tags: ~medicine: illnesses (misc), ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~sexual abuse & assault

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