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[ANON POST] Bear trap injury - effect of wearing boots?


I have two main characters (Males, 25 & 27) who are hunting in the woods. One of them has the bad luck of stepping in an illegal clawed animal trap, or bear trap. He is wearing leather hiking boots and the trap clamps him on the boot, just above the ankle.

I would like to know what kind of damage have I done to him? Would it be realistic to have a crush injury, such as a broken bone and puncture wounds despite having some kind of protection from the boot? They are carrying a basic first aid kit but would still need to travel at least a couple of hours to get back to the car before getting proper first aid.

Also not quite sure how to spring him from the trap. Despite my googling efforts ('bear trap release') and reading up on Wikipedia, I can't seem to find if they have a special release button or they need to be pried open to be reset? They will be carrying a hunting knife, would this be strong enough to use as leverage to force open the trap?

Setting is modern day Canada. I've tried search a variety of terms, such as 'bear trap injury', and 'bear trap leg' but a lot of the results relate to animal injuries rather than human, which doesn't really help.

Just trying to make sure I didn't miss anything.

Thanks for any help in advance.
Tags: #nocategory, canada (misc), ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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