Allonsy SK la Quinta (allonsy_sk) wrote in little_details,
Allonsy SK la Quinta

Citizenship and passports for a cloned man

That was about the hardest subject line I have ever had to come up with. Anyway, on to business.

Time late 2000s, should be 2007 or 2008.
Place London, UK.

Let's say I have a man in his mid-thirties and that he didn't quite exist as of earlier today. He's the exact human clone (or, more precisely a biological meta-crisis) of one alien Doctor.

He didn't really exist on Earth as a couple of hours ago, he doesn't really have a name, or an age, and of course he doesn't have ID papers.

The Doctor himself has used the name 'John Smith' as pseudonym in many occasions, so I was planning to let his human double use exactly that name.

This is all highly fudge-able and what I'm writing doesn't really require a lot of detail on this subject, still I'm curious and I'd love to know at least how to tackle the situation.

So, how do I make him a loyal British citizen?

I have googled both in Italian (then realizing that I wanted something more UK-specific) and English variations of: "giving identity to unknown person""procedures for giving identity" "giving an identity to immigrants/nomad people" (this mostly gave up articles with the political kind of 'identity'), and I have taken a look through the 'passports', 'Uk - passports' and the 'missing persons' tags here.
Tags: uk: government (misc)

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