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[ANON POST] Reaction to 9/11 in Britain

I am currently working on a short story dealing with people hearing from 9/11 for the first time. (so the setting logically would be September 11th 2001) and I am not sure where to set it. I would like to go for Britain, as it has to be an english text, but I am not sure if my idea would work in that context.

I wanted to base the story on my own experiences. (Target group are school children)

I myself am from Germany, and I was seven when it happened. It was at my grandmother's birthday party. The radio was turned on in the background and when the first reports came in, we all thought it was some kind of radio play. When we realized it was real, while those who were younger were of course shocked everyone old enough to remember WWII was horribly scared there might be a new war as a result.

My question now: What kind of effect did the news have on people in Britain? I am not talking about politicians but citizens who saw it on the news for the first time.
Did some think as far as worrying about an upcoming war?

I tried googling terms like "Reactions to 9/11 [and every possible synonyme of 9/1 I could think of or Google suggested] Britain", "Psychological effect of 9/11 in Britain" and every variation that came to mind, I replaced Britain "England", "Scotland" and "Ireland" just in case and read Wikipedia articles like "Reactions to the September 11 attacks". I also checked newspaper archives the like the Guardian. But either I found official political statements or psychological assessments of how people in New York were dealing with it, while I want to know how it affected Joe and Jane Lunchbucket.

Anyone willing to share his or her memories?

(And for some reason I only see every button here in japanese and haven't found out how to change it yet, so I don't know how to add a subject title here, my apologies, I will work on it - My subject title would have gone along the lines of "Psychological effects of 9/11 on Joe and Jane Lunchbucket living in Britain")
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