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police procedure following a victim of kidnapping being found

Location: Anytown, USA, circa 2010
Searched: tags (various law enforcement, missing persons tags), Google (various arrangements of 'how to take a kidnapping victim's statement' & 'procedure after rescuing kidnapping victims')
Character: 16-year-old boy
Situation: My character was kidnapped from his hometown and taken to a city a few hours away (say 3-5), where he was held by a middle-aged couple who were trying to force him into the role of their dead son. His appearance was slightly altered, and he was given a new name, and his records were falsified and he was sent to school after enough time had passed to be sure he wouldn't tell anyone — this wasn't that long, but they had him pretty convinced that they'd have his whole family killed if he told anybody what had happened. One of his teachers suspects he's being abused, because he's withdrawn and has bad grades, and he's skittish, and shows a lot of other symptoms. When he confronts my character, he asks the boy to come to the police station with him. There's some resistance, but he finally caves and they go to the local police station, still during school hours so the kidnappers don't know anything's wrong.

Question: What sort of questions do the police ask him? How long do they keep him there? I imagine they'd call his parents, and presumably not want to tip off the kidnappers. Would the police be okay with him going home, even though he doesn't live in their jurisdiction? Would they want him to go to the hospital or anything?
Tags: usa: government: law enforcement (misc), ~missing persons

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