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Longest Possible Total Hallucination? [ANSWERED]

I'm coming down the home home stretch of my project.  My protagonist, a doctor, has been in this--for lack of a better word-alternative universe for almost a year.  He wakes up in our reality, and I'd like it to be the same amount of time.  He's convinced he's been hallucinating for months.  Is it possible to have a full blown hallucination for more than six hours?  And by full blown, every single detail, not auditory/oral or anything else.  One problem, of course, is what he has been doing in our reality all of this time? (I've had him missing the entire time but he awakes in the same bed he was sleeping in.)

At the beginning he has been released from a mental hospital--he might think he was back there this whole time.  I can fudge the timeline in a variety of ways.  What I can't find on Google or is how long can someone have an entire hallucination?  I find different types of hallucinations, sleep-diprivation hallucinations, etc.  But nothing on longevity and possible causes (a doctor would make assumptions about what is wrong with him and it might be mental illness or something else).

I hope this makes some kind of sense.  I need medical answers.  Thanks so much!

PS - what are all of those "retags"?  Will they be changed to something else?

ETA: Thank you!  I am going to rewrite my scenario drastically.  All of the answers were extremely enlightening!
Tags: ~medicine (misc), ~psychology & psychiatry (misc)

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