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Women's education in Indian culture?

What was the culture like regarding women’s education in India about 30-40 years ago? Wikipedia is telling me that nowadays the government is trying to get more women into schools. But 30 or 40 years ago, was it widely accepted? If not, what were some reasons that women were expected not to be educated or go to school? Were boys expected to be educated while girls expected not to be? Etc.

Basically, I want to know if it’s okay for my character’s Indian father to be upset at her wanting to learn all the time and get an advanced education. The girl is about 10 in 1985 or so at the moment. I want to know if it would be normal for him to be upset with her trying to read the books in his room that he feels are too advanced for her.

Wikipedia is being no help.

Terms searched: Women's education Indian culture, Women's education India 1980s, Women Indian culture 1980s, education India 1980s, Indian education.

(Sorry, mods, for forgetting to include my search terms the first time.)

Tags: 1980-1989, india (misc), ~education (misc)

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