lsellersfic (lsellersfic) wrote in little_details,

Greeting in 13th Century German

My character is a modern man with a background in languages, particularly German, who has found himself in 13th century Poland. He's been there for several months and has now travelled into "Pagan" Prussia. He has just met a stranger. He doesn't speak any of the potential local dialects but has been getting by using his memories of medieval German as a starting point, and then learning the speech of the German incomers into northern Poland from that basis.

What might he try as a greeting to the stranger?

Mostly I've been summarising or `translating' conversation, but it would be nice to give the actual words here.

Googled: Medieval German Hello and Medieval German Greeting but the sites found are either dealing with old English forms, medieval German culture at a more general level, or fail to inspire confidence.
Tags: 1200-1299, poland: history, ~languages: german

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