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gunshot to side recovery time

I've checked tags and searched for "bullet wound recovery time" "gunshot recovery" etc, and I found a lot of accounts, but not exactly what I need. ETA: And also checked the whumper's guide.

I have a character who's suffered a gunshot wound to the side and reasonably serious blood loss. It's a little bit vague, so I can fiddle it to work. But, what I need is for him--after some time--to be functional (able to walk around and do relatively light tasks) but still have the injury and/or blood loss after effects give him enough trouble that he can't do strenuous activities like running or fighting.

I basically need him to be 'helpless' enough that he can't get away from a group he would otherwise leave, but at the same time still be able to be somewhat useful.

My question is, how long can I use pain and fatigue as a way to limit my character's abilities? Or is it a case of once you're up, recovery is quick?

If wound severity requiring surgery is necessary for this, I can do that, but afterwards it's a bit of an on-the-run situation, so care isn't great.

Can I use complications to buy myself time? For how long could they be a risk? I'm thinking infection, maybe re-injury from over straining? I don't want it to be super serious, though. Just to basically function as a hobble.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries to order, ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds
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