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Murder Investigation/Probable Cause

I searched using words like "Probable Cause", "Murder", "Maine", "How much probable cause", "How much evidence do you need to arrest someone for murder", "Murder investigations", several combinations of those phrases, etc., but couldn't find anything concrete on this.

I'm not even going to bother hiding the names on this one, because it might actually help if I give context. It's a Silent Hill: Downpour-related fanfiction, it takes place in Maine (fictional county) and in 2011.

I'll give you as TL;DR a version of this as I possibly can: Murphy Pendleton is framed for the murder of Frank Coleridge, who is Anne Cunningham's father. Anne arranges to have Murphy transported to the prison she works at so that she can... Well, it's never specified what exactly she intends to do, but basically take some form of revenge on him. Eventually, she succeeds in securing the transfer- but on the way to the prison the bus crashes in Silent Hill, and to make a long story short Anne discovers that Murphy was framed. When they escape Silent Hill, she lets him go (assuming you get the good ending), telling everyone that he died (she does not specify how, so I played with that in the story).

In my fic I reference the fact that someone puts two and two together and starts to suspect that Anne killed Murphy out of revenge for murdering her father, because in the rest of the world Murphy is still convicted of it and Anne should have no reason to believe otherwise.

The only potential evidence they have is A) The knowledge that Anne had a deep-rooted hatred for Murphy, B) The fact that her story about his "death" has a few holes in it (I will admit here that I haven't figured out precisely what those holes are yet, I just know that they'll be there), and C) With some investigation, discovering that Anne did manipulate things so that Murphy would get transferred to her prison, which obviously looks ridiculously suspicious.

My questions are:

1. With all of that in mind, how long could/would the investigators reasonably investigate Anne before dropping the case for lack of hard evidence?

2. Could they, in theory, try to arrest/convict her with only those three things for evidence? How likely is it that she could be arrested and/or brought to trial over it?
Tags: usa: maine, ~law (misc), ~law enforcement (misc)

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