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[ANSWERED] Where German Christmas Figures Come From

Hey folks,

I've been looking into West German Christmas traditions for some time and know the general gist. I just need some smaller details confirmed/ironed out:

1. In the former West Germany, does the Weihnachtsmann have the elves/reindeer model the American Santa gets?

a. If not, how do German parents explain to kids how he gets around?

2. Where does the Weihnachtsmann/Christkind 'live' the rest of the year? In America it's the North Pole but I think that might be an English-speaking myth?

3. Is there also the trope of German kids wishing on stars?

Googled: Where does the Weihnachtsmann/Christkind 'live', German Christmas traditions, do German children wish on stars?

Edited to add two more questions:

1. If kids are taught about Christmas myths, are they leaning more towards Americanization these days, and is the Weihnachtsmann becoming the more predominant myth, or do some parents still use the Christkind?

2. I read somewhere that Advent Sundays have special breakfasts/lunches. Breakfast is soft boiled eggs, breads and rolls, cold cuts, jams and honey, and often a sweet bread. I have a feeling this may vary a bit, but if it does, I'm looking for Hesse/Frankfurt am Main variants specifically.
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