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Illinois driver's licensing laws in the 1970s

Hey, everybody.

I've been working furiously on a "Due South" fic lately, and ran headfirst into a kind of weird problem. At what age in Illinois (Chicago specifically, if that makes a difference) could you get a driver's license in the 1970s? I tried Googling "illinois driver's license 1970s" and "driver's license laws 1970s," but it just pulled up a lot of stuff about teen and elderly drivers and how current laws are changing, and that the 1970s was when the "graduated licensing" model (learner's permit, license with curfew, then full license) was introduced at the federal level. I can't find anything Illinois-specific, and I can't find licensing ages in the 70s at all.

Anyone able to shed some light on this?

ETA: Got it, and quickly, too! Thanks, everyone!
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