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Battle of Agincourt - English ships and medicine

I have two... rather unusual... questions about the Battle of Agincourt.

1) In what kind of ships did the English army cross the Channel, and what wood would they have been made from? Google has told me where and when they started from and landed, but nothing else. From the time period, I think it would have been sailing ships and/or galleys, but I don’t know which and can’t find what wood was typically used for those, either.

Search terms used: Combinations and variations of
battle of agincourt + crossing the channel + english troops + ships
14th/15th century + ships + wood + construction
galley + type of wood
sailing ship + type of wood (this did reveal that masts are usually conifer trunks - and that shockingly enough, ships are made of wood!)

2) What kind of medicines would the physicians have used? (I’m specifically interested in herbal remedies, but everything is useful!). The only even vaguely related things I’ve been able to find are lists of herbal remedies of the period, but they tend to be very much about everyday injuries and illnesses.

Search terms used: Combinations and variations of
battle of agincourt + physicians + remedies
14th/15th century + herbal remedies

Thank you so much for any help you can give!
Tags: 1400-1499, uk: history: middle ages, uk: military: historical, ~boats and other things that float, ~medicine: historical

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