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An American temporarily working in the UK; how do I legally get his American lover there, too?

Hi all! :) I'm new here; thanks so much for having me!

All right, I wrote a book about two American men who meet, fall in love, etc etc. Long story short, at the end of said book one of the characters, an actor named Chip, lands a leading role in a musical opening soon in London. The director, Christopher, is British.

Chip asks his boyfriend, Drew, to come live with him in London aaannndd this is where I get lost and broken. If Chip's planning to stay in London for at least a year performing in this musical, would he need a work visa? And in order to live legally with him for the duration, would Drew need one, too? Drew is a writer and isn't planning to work in London.

I've read a couple Wikipedia articles about obtaining visas and all the different types, and I've Googled it. This website was helpful, but I'm still not sure, exactly, what to do, and if Chip's work would be considered temporary or permanent.

Oh, and if it matters, Drew's from Ohio and Chip's from Virginia. They met in California. I'm planning on marrying them in America in the book's sequel. Both have legal passports.

Thanks for any help you guys can offer!
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