nara (ishimura) wrote in little_details,

Hiking spots with 'ghosts' in the vincinity of Tokyo

In my current story, the protagonist gets involved in a 'haunting' in the mountains, so I'm looking for information about hiking areas in Japan which have a rich lore about ghosts and other myths. The places should be within a day's travel reach from Tokyo, accessible via roads, but still a bit hidden and not overflown with visitors.

I'd also appreciate information about superstitions connected to these areas and if there are special products the people living in these areas produce and/or sell to visitors and tourists.

Edit: Please no more mentions of Aokigahara! I've looked it up, but it doesn't fit what I'm looking for at all. My characters would never visit such a place. The area should have a reputation, yeah, but rather being known for having lots of classical stories and myths about ghosts, yokai and others connected to it.
Tags: japan (misc)
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