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[ANSWERED] Age to Leave German Univeristy after Scholarship

One more from me. :)

Background: My MC's mother grew up in Frankfurt am Main and went to university in the 70s. At one point, she gets a scholarship for a year in England.

1. I've been told that as a teacher, it would be realistic for my MC's mother to begin teaching secondary school at around age 27 (after she has university classes and takes two state exams with two years of teacher training in between those tests). However, if she spent a year in England, would she still be able to start teaching at 27, or would her age increase?

I read that, for the specific scholarship (DAAD) that, 'post-graduates' can apply. I'm assuming that it would make MC's mother 25 when she stops the bulk of her university studies and applies for DAAD, would be away for a year, come back at 26, do her two trainee years as a teacher, and stop at 28 or thereabouts.

Is that correct? If not, I need help with ballpark age estimates.

2. More of a bonus: Is there a myth centering around how 'coffee stunts your growth' in Germany as there are in some English-speaking countries?

Googled: DAAD scholarship, coffee myths Germany
Tags: 1970-1979, germany: education (misc), germany: food and drink

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