Transe Macabre (transemacabre) wrote in little_details,
Transe Macabre

A German in Paris, 1950s

So here's the plot. My MC, Ludwig, wants more than anything to journey to Paris and search for the whereabouts of his missing brother. There's a few issues with that, though. It's the 1950s (when precisely, I can fudge it a bit), and Ludwig's brother was a Nazi officer who disappeared mysteriously during the Nazi occupation of Paris.

Ludwig himself was one of the few Hitler Youth who survived the Battle of Berlin, and ended up in the American zone of West Berlin. He's obsessed with the idea of finding out what happened to his brother (thinking rationally, it's almost certain that he's dead but Ludwig is not very rational about this). To do this, he hits on the idea of going to Paris.

Were there restrictions on the movements of German citizens in the 1950s, specifically if they wanted to visit France?
What are people going to think of this young man showing up, asking questions?
Anything else relevant that I should know?

Searched: Germany in the 1950s, 1950s German citizens, other similar strings.
Tags: 1950-1959, germany (misc), germany: history

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