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[ANON POST] Russian endearments for Veronika, specifically alternative to Nika and Vera.

I am looking for possible Russian endearments for a character named Veronika, but do not want to use the name Nika due to the similarity between it and another minor character's name, Nico, and I find the name Vera a bit dated from an American standpoint (I have a great-aunt Vera myself).

The story takes place in modern day America and the character in question is a teenage girl, with her father being an American who lived in Russia for 15+ years (speaks Russian fluently, close relationship with and very proud of his daughter) and her mother being a former Russian spy (not as close due to her mother's numerous issues, loves her daughter but has trouble showing it).

I know that Russian endearments and nicknames play a huge part in people's family lives so simply calling her Veronika seemed unauthentic. I've searched google using the terms "Russian endearments", "Russian nicknames", "Russian endearments Veronika", "Russian nicknames Veronika", and checked out many of the results but pretty much only received the two aforementioned names. I also got the result of Veronichka or Nichka as an option but when searched on it's own (google search terms 'veronichka' or 'nichka') it only got a few personal results, leading me to believe it's either not common or even used at all.

I'd also be willing to accept a more generic but not common endearment so any ideas in that area would be great too.

BONUS QUESTION: There's another character from a Russian background named Luka and I may need a family form of his name as well, so any suggestions would be extremely appreciated.

Thanks for your help!
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Tags: ~languages: russian, ~names

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