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blade length/width to decapitate someone? [ANSWERED]

OK, so my characters weapon choice is giving me problems. Firearms and "big" weapons (sword, boar spear, rifle etc) I've sorted, the problem is that I need a weapon, a blade, that he can carry under clothes iwthout attracting suspicion, and ideally would be capable of decapitating someone. 

Now, right now I have him using a custom variant of a Boker A-F combat knife. Blade length about 8-9 inches, decent weight blade width slightly under that of a KA-BAR. This is a perfect all-rounder, buuuuut....Something abotu that just doesn't feel right, I'm just not sure if it could take someone's head off. What do you guys think?

It's theoretically possible to do with a standard A-F knife, tried it on a ballistics gel torso. Wasn't clean though, and (yes, my character has enhanced strength) I'm picturing a clean sweep of the blade to take off the head.

do you reckon the blade as-is is feasible? If no, any suggestions? I like the dagger silhouette, so I'd like to keep that design, and it's supposed to be carried across the back of the waist, so nothing with a blade more than 8-9 inches.

thanks guys

StephenT (stormwreath) has just given me my answer, my hero will now be carrying a Gurkha Kukri, and I can work in a backstory for that as well and make it a personal weapon too.

Thank you for all the answers

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