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[ANSWERED] Driving in Germany Circa 1970s

Hi all,

Yup, back for a few more, just to be sure I have everything I need:

Background: My MC has a mother who lived in Frankfurt am Main from the 50s-80s.


1. I know these days the legal driving age is 18 in Germany, but was it the same in the 70s? I also know requirements to drive in Germany are a lot stricter than in the US; I just need that one last age detail for the time period I'm looking at.

Googled: German driving age history, Germany legal driving age 1970

Edited to add: I asked a couple questions about DAAD and around what age my MC's mother would have been when she completed all of her schooling and second state exam when the time abroad's factored in, in case it affects around what age she could have begun teaching, still looking for some answers there. Thanks!

I also wondered if the myth of 'coffee stunts your growth' was also a wives' tale in Germany as it is in the US?
Tags: 1970-1979, germany (misc)
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