Meckerziege (gelbes_gilatier) wrote in little_details,

Female POWs in Japanese captivity.


I desperately need figures on female POWs in Japanese captivity in World War II. I've been scouring the net but not even on Wikipedia I seem to be able to find a site the lists figures for how many female POWs there were and which nationalities they were of, maybe even broken down to the individual camps (but just numbers and nationalities would be great...). little_details, you're me only help :S

Edit: I'm specifically looking for numbers on military nurses such as US Army and Navy Nursing Corps, QAIMNS/QARANC, AANS etc. Overall statistics are great but the nurses are needed even more desperately :S

Search strings I used on Google and Wikipedia: "prisoners of war women japan", "pow wwii women", "female pow wwii figures", "women war pacific".
Tags: 1940-1949, asia: history, australia: history, australia: military, china: history, history (misc), indonesia: history, japan: history, malaysia: history, new zealand: history, philippines: history, uk: history: world war ii, uk: military: historical, usa: history: world war ii, ~military (misc), ~world war ii

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