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aka thelouringlady

Qualifications to be a medical examiner in San Francisco? Also how a medical examiner is ranked?

Setting: San Francisco, California. Current times.

Story: My character is 28 years old and I want her to be an assistant medical examiner. The problem I have right now is finding what qualifications she would need to have in order to be one since apparently that differs depending on what jurisdiction you are in. I'm also flummoxed at how to figure out the rankings of positions in a lab where she may work. While this is not the focal point to the story, I do want to show how her dynamics with co-workers will be.

Research I've done so far: I've searched medical examiner, medical examiner San Francisco, medical examiner California  only to turn up with too ambiguous results.
Tags: usa: california, usa: government: law enforcement (misc), ~forensics: corpses

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