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Declaring A New King During The Heat of Battle From a Castle Above

I AM NEARLY AT THE END OF MY STORY!  So much of which couldn't have been written without the help of this community.  Here is the scenario:

The four main (good) characters, including the rightful king and the Queen Mother, are in the throne room.  Outside the palace is a pitched battle with troops, rebels, gunfire, cannons, etc.  The pretender to the throne is slain, which means the rightful ruler shall be restored to the throne.  HOWEVER, everyone in the kingdom thinks the king has been in an insane asylum.  BUT that is not as important as is my main question:

How do you let the people in battle below know that the rightful king has taken the throne?  Couriers?  Throwing the pretender's body out of the window (where it would presumably be lost amid all of the other carnage)?  I thought of ringing the bell at the top of the palace, but wasn't sure it would mean anything.  There are no priests in the story.  But I searched for other ways to do it, using the search terms
Declaring a new ruler during battle (had to remove "Independence" for obvious reasons)
Announcing a new king during battle
Announcing a new king during war
Stopping battle (I could not figure out a way to phrase my question)
Declaring a new king during the heat of battle
Declarling a king during warfare.

I used Google and, then I searched through the tags here.  I know, my recent questions have all been pretty strange, but I've always gotten enough help to kick-start my inspiration.  And what are the dozens of retags?

Tags: 1800s (no decades given), ~military (misc)

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