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Crete, Greece and the Levant ca. 7,000 Years Ago

Setting: Eastern Mediterranean, ca. 5,000 BC

So a part of my NaNo story of this year is set about 7,000 years ago around the Eastern Mediterranean, more specifically Egypt and Crete. It's a AU but more regarding civilisations; I'd like to keep the environmental part correct. I think I got Egypt figured out but I've got problems regarding Crete (and Greece as well as Asia Minor generally and possibly the Levant). I know that around 7,000 years ago, due to the Neolithic Subpluvial, Egypt was much greener than today, more like a savannah than the desert it is now. I know that the Neolithic Subpluvial was caused by the shifting of the Monsoon patterns. However, I cannot seem to find proper information and/or maps of Crete and Greece of that time and even though the exact coastline is not relevant (though it would be interesting to know if the Super Cycladic Island still existed, at least in part), for my story I need at least a little more knowledge about the vegetation and the climate than I have. The few maps I found always depict more or less the same climate as now but I think this would be illogical because Egypt and Crete aren't so far apart and wouldn't the Neolithic Subpluvial have an effect on the rest of the Eastern Mediterranean, too? Would that mean that Crete and the Cyclades had more rainfall and thus a different vegetation, too? Also (this about Egypt), would the Nile be significantly broader than it is today? If yes, how broad (around Memphis, just south of the delta)?

I already clicked my way through the Greece and geology-tags.
Wikipedia articles I read: Neolithic Subpluvial (duh), Crete, History of Crete, 5th Millenium BC (also 6th and 4th), Protodynastic Period of Egypt, Chalcolithic, Prehistoric Cyprus (this gave me more information about what people could have eaten but still today the climate of Cyprus and Crete differs quite a lot), History of the Cyclades
Googled both in google and google images: map neolithic crete, map neolithic greece, vegetation neolithic crete/greece, neolithic subpluvial greece/crete, chalcolithic crete/greece, eneolithic crete/greece, and permutations thereof. I got maps with no details whatsoever, lots of really nice photos of Santorini and tons of "articles" about Atlantis and many, many maps showing the regions of various Neolithic cultures and the invasion of the Greek tribes into what is Greece now and using the term copper age gives me images of Ötzi *lol*. Nothing of this is useful. Maybe I'm just using the wrong search terms. Any help?
Tags: 0 ce and before, greece: history, ~science: geology

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