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Appropriate Bundeswehr uniforms for certain places/events

I've got an LJ account now, and everyone here was so excellent with my last question (thank you!), I thought I'd try again.

The story takes place in the near future, somewhere in Germany, during WW3.  I've got quite a few characters in the army, and I need to know what they're wearing at certain places/times.  The majority of them are commissioned officers, although there are couple NCOs and I should probably just go ahead and ask what the enlisted soldiers are wearing, too, so I don't end up asking again--but I'm mostly concerned with the commissioned officers.

Most of the time we see them, they're on base, in offices, doing fairly menial stuff--although toward the end of the book they do see combat, so I'm pretty sure that BDUs would be appropriate there.  But when they're in the office, what's the appropriate uniform?  Would they be wearing the service uniform?

I'm also interested in rules regarding wearing a uniform while in public--like, if one of my guys is going home (off-base) at the end of his day, can he stop for dinner without having to change clothes?  Also, uniforms at non-military formal events (like weddings)--is it like the US, where that sort of thing is acceptable so long as a commanding officer gives permission, or...? 

I've Googled a lot of search terms (Bundewehr + uniform, Bundeswehr uniform + office, Bundeswehr uniform general duty, Bundeswehr uniform at wedding, etc) and have been all over the Bundeswehr uniform section of Wikipedia, but I can't figure this out.  Please help?
Tags: germany (misc), germany: military

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