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Effects of Arsenic Poisoning and its Treatment

I'm currently writing this short story set in a sort of British Victorian era AU. It's AU in the fact that while the majority of it is the same as RL Victorian era, technology is far more advanced; I guess you could say its sort of steampunk-ish. One of the main events which really turns things on  their head is the poisoning of one of the main characters by one of his family members through the use of arsenic. However, he survives this and it sets in motion the remainder of the story.
So, what I need to know is what is the largest quantity of arsenic my MC could ingest and still survive and how would this be treated. He's in his late teens, maybe 19/20, is in reasonably good health and comes from a wealthy background. He is at his adopted family's home when the poisoning first sets in; they are fairly wealthy themselves and have access to a doctor so he would be able to receive medical treatment.
I've googled arsenicosis, arsenicosis treatment, treatment of arsenic poisoning, surviving arsenic poisoning with minimal treatment, arsenic poisoning in the victorian era and treatment of arsenic poisoning in the victorian era.
The majority of them brought up how arsenicosis is treated is the modern age 21st century; anything related to arsenic poisoning in the Victorian era was just listing after listing about its use as a murder weapon during that period.
Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated!
Tags: 1890-1899, uk: history: victorian era, ~medicine: poisoning

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