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Living arrangement in NYC in the 1960s

So, I'm writing a fic about two characters from modern day UK who are stranded in New York in the 1960s (take a wild guess which fandom). I've never been to New York and have only a vague idea about how the city is laid out. I've been looking at Google maps, Wikipedia,, and going through the community back posts. Some questions:

  1. How difficult would it be for an obviously English man without papers to find work/housing in New York City during the late 1960s? Where might a man in this situation end up living? (I'm planning for him to fake an ID eventually, but I want to know what kind of struggles he might have during his early days)

  1. What would be a typical salary for a male nurse in New York during the late 1960s- early 1970s. MSN careers indicates that $9,740 would be the amount a nurse would have made in 1960 if salaries have remained consistent with inflation for the past 50 years. is indicating 141 dollars a week for a general nurse in the 1960s. Does this seem accurate?

  1. Assuming that he does make 141 dollars a week (I'll adjust based on question answers) where would be a plausible place for this man to be living in 1968? I would prefer for him to not have room mates and to live somewhere reasonably close (by subway or by foot) to both a hospital and Central Park.

  1. The woman will be in the city in 1959 and will end up with a bookstore/coffee shop with a loft to live in. What would be a good, bohemian sort of neighbourhood for her to end up living in? I've got an idea that the Village is the best place, but any other suggestions would be much appreciated, especially since I don't know a huge amount about the city.

Terms searched:

For question 1: New Immigrant New York 1960s, Without papers in New York 1960s, finding housing in New York without papers 1960s (I ended up with a lot of results on Puerto Rican migrants and immigration history but nothing really saying where a person without papers would live and work)

For question 2: Various combinations of male/nurse/salary/1960s/New York/USA

For figuring out where the characters would live, I'm stumped. I really don't know what search terms to use. I've tried looking at street maps and reading the community backposts. I've also gone through a few issues of New York magazine. Mostly what I'm getting is that housing prices were really starting to jump around the mid-late 1960s but that doesn't help me figure out where the characters would be living.

Tags: 1960-1969, usa: new york: new york city

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