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Restaurants and Ice-Cream Parlors in Sacramento, CA

Setting: Sacramento, California – present day (The Mentalist fanfic, to be more specific)

I have a couple of questions relating to restaurants and such, and I have no real idea how to Google any of them.

1. I have a 14 year old girl staying with her aunt for a few days. What would be a typical place for her to ask to go to dinner, if given the choice? It's not a special occasion or anything, the aunt just wants to give her niece a treat (and make up for keeping her waiting for dinner because she was working late – so I also need somewhere that doesn't close too early!). I'm imagining something like McDonalds, or Pizza Hut, but since I'm not from the US I wanted to know if I was on the right lines. I tried Googling “Teenagers restaurants”, “teenagers favorite restaurants”, and a few variations on that, but didn't find anything really useful.

2. The plot I have in mind has them walking to an ice-cream parlor afterwards. I've looked up ice-cream parlors in Sacramento and in the US generally, but we don't have the same parlor chains in my country, so I have no idea what any of them are like... I suppose the question is, again, what would a 14 year old pick?

(This is such a long shot I feel silly even putting it on here, but if anyone knows the area and can recommend a suitable restaurant / ice cream parlor pair within walking distance of each other, I would love you forever!)

ETA: Thank you all so much! You've been incredibly helpful, I've got lots to go on now :) 
Tags: usa: california, usa: food and drink
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