nightrose83 (nightrose83) wrote in little_details,

[ANSWERED] Buying/Storing Milk in 1950s/60s West Germany

Hi folks,

I have a character born in 1957 and living in Frankfurt am Main. I had a question about how milk was bought in cities and stored before/around that time period. I was told that refrigerators were major purchases for people after the war, and her family would probably be decently well-off. However, I had some questions:

1. Did people purchase their milk in shops in the cities, or did they go to milk wagons?

2. How was it stored (if at all) after purchase, or was it used right away? Did people have ice boxes, and if so, were ice wagons/deliveries common?

Research: Google with terms 'milk deliveries Frankfurt am Main 1950-1960, Wikipedia with same.
Tags: germany (misc), germany: food and drink, germany: history

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