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Asylum question and a vampire marriage

Of cause they are connected! Bot questions are for a more-or-less realistic world, just with some other countries than today, so what I want is present time answers from whatever country you are from/know about when it comes to the asylum case, and just your general thoughts on the vampire marriage. Thank you, [Unknown LJ tag]on to the questions:

1. Our heroes arrive at an airport in another country. The country they are fleeing from is a dictatorship with semi-closed borders, and they can prove that they have a reasonable fear for their own life if they are forced to return. Where do they go from here to ask for asylum? Who do they contact, and what happens next?

2. If one of them escapes the detention they are placed in, will she lose every chance of asylum, or what will be done to her? Arrested? Shipped out of the country?

3. Two kids, fourteen or so, gets married by the state by using fake I.D.'s. Will the first marriage be accepted as a marriage or annulled when they try to use it to give the girl asylum through her "housebound" who got his asylum while her's was denied her? Can it be used as prof that they really love each other, and it's not a marriage to get her asylum, or will they have to do something else?

4. Now the exciting question: While they were fourteen and crazy, just after getting married by the government, they had a vampire marriage. These vampires are not "Interview With a Vampire"-vampires, more kids that drink blood, use fake fangs and have played Vampires-the masquerade a few times to many. What would a marriage be like for those guys? Any good ideas to vital parts of the obviously long ceremony?

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