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[ANON POST] Names for multiple mothers

I have a character who basically has three mothers (adoptive mom, birth mom, and birth mom's partner a.k.a other birth mom), all of whom have huge roles in his life and see him frequently (his birth mom and his adoptive mom are sisters), often at the same time. I'm trying to figure out what he should call them. I'm not sure how to research this, but I hoped that there are enough kids in the reverse situation (lesbian couple adopting kid) that someone could tell me what they did. I figured that one can be "Mom," and one can be "Ima" (they're Jewish), but I'm at a loss as to what the third mom can be. "Mother" is way too formal for his relationship with any of his moms, and "Mama" is too childish, and that's all I can think of.

Everything I can think of that may be relevant:
-Setting is modern day US/Canada.
-Birth mom's partner was raised Modern Orthodox, but isn't very observant now. The sisters were raised Reform but went to Orthodox schools. Birth mom, like her partner, isn't particularly observant, but adoptive mom is very traditionally-observant for someone who's Reform (though she's also very liberal in many ways).
-All three moms are from a middle class background, though birth mom and her partner are now quite well-off.
-Birth mom's partner is an officer in the military.
-Both sisters are huge sci-fi fans. Doctor Who and Ursula K Leguin are a particular favorites. I know Leguin has some families with four parents, but I couldn't remember if she ever said what the kids call their parents.

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