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[ANON POST] Immediate result of slit throat?

Characters are 20-something and in good health/strength, one each man and woman. Woman's extremely agitated and physically active until moments before. Angle-wise, they are both right-handed and doing it themselves. (150% wanting to do this, heat-of-the-moment adrenaline as well.) There is a shindig happening that's big enough to have a standby ambulance (like at a Ren faire or concert) but they are probably not really prepared for this, especially not for two, and there's enough pandemonium that they can't get there instantly.

"results after slit throat" and "reflexes after slit throat" mostly reference makeup effects and video games. Just "slit throat" had some useful information -- Carotid vs jugular, an actor who got a non-prop knife and did it accidentally but survived-- a lot of news stories about surviving, actually, which is disconcerting as both these characters need to die, ideally quickly. "slit throat windpipe" was the most fruitful by far, giving timeframes and blood expectations. Variations on "slit throat treatment" mostly pull comparatively minor cuts, or one paper on treating some failed suicide attempts, but those people had already been mostly stabilized and now just patched up. (Incidentally, google seems to automatically consider "slit" and "cut" as synonyms, using it in quotes to cut that out leads mostly to news reports again).

I have that the carotid is closer to the front than the jugular but is made of stronger stuff, and that hitting it would produce a bright red spray which diminishes quickly but continues to noticeably "spurt." Cutting below the larynx means no voice. Unconsciousness estimates are from one to three minutes with death shortly after.

My remaining questions are 1) Am I even on the right track when I assume they can do this well enough to reasonably-ensure their deaths? and if yes, then 2) What happens between when the deed is done and losing consciousness? Thrashing seems to be a given, but for example does she drop the knife, or are her fingers locked around it? Will they display pain or go pretty much instantly into shock? 3) What are my woefully underprepared paramedics going to try to do?
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: stab wounds, ~suicide

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