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You're Under Arrest! (In Tokugawa Japan)

I've been lurking, for the most part, in all the comms I'm posting this to. However, here's the question. Or rather, here are the questions.

For all means and purposes, my fandom follows medieval/Tokugawa conventions. There are yoriki, doushin, shitappiki and okappiki; most places maintain old names such as Shinano, Echigo, Oumi, Hitachi etc. Just ignore the random handphones and vending machines. *cough* With that in mind:

1. Person N is ambushed and beaten up pretty badly. He loses a lot of blood and would have been killed if not for physical intervention before the final blow was struck. Should the police get on the case, would a suspect be charged with attempted murder, assault and battery, or something else entirely?

2. Due to certain patterns to the wounds received by Person N, Person D is named as a suspect. Person D's friends are aware he was probably the intended target. Should they explain this to the arresting officer, would it affect the charge?

3. What would the process of arrest be in the Tokugawa era? Would a suspect be bound? Tied? Tried? Put in a lockup?

Thanks in advance for any help received.

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